Arman Setad Co is a progressive and reputable commercial firm established in ‎‎1998. ASC is active in importing & exporting of medical and medicinal ‎products, and supplements . Imports of products by Arman Setad are regulated ‎by The Ministry of Health (MOH), through official import permits approved by ‎the Food & Drug Organization (FDO) of this Ministry.‎ ‎ MAX HEALTHY LIVING is the Arman Setads` Motto, on the other hand, ‎reaching the maximum efficacy in life by highest possible health levels for ‎everybody (even with any disability or disorders) from the birth to elderly is the ‎Arman Setads` wish & goal.‎ ‎ ASC benefits from the professors, medical, medicinal, and paramedical ‎specialists in management for more professional act.‎ ‎ Arman Setad has won many national and international certificates and awards ‎include the follows: ‎